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Approved Managers

Approved Managers

An Approved Manager is an individual person who has been appointed by the licensee of a liquor licensed premises to be the responsible person in charge of the premises.  In the case of a club, the licensee is the club, not an individual.

The licensee of a liquor licensed premises is required to have an Approved Manager on their premises
at all times when business is conducted,
unless the Director has determined otherwise.

An Approved Manager is only deemed approved once they have obtained a Restricted or Unrestricted Approved Manager ID Card from the Department of Racing, Gaming & Liquor.


For Approved Manager training, please visit our training portal Hospitality Alliance Training.

  • Restricted Approved Manager
    • Applicable only on Club, Club Restricted and Occasional licensed premises.
    • This can be obtained with a valid RSA Certificate
  • Unrestricted Approved Manager
    • Applicable on all types of licensed premises.
    • This requires the completion of a RSA and an MLP Course (MLPLCA401A or MLPLCA401A and MLPLCA402A)

Approved Manager ID card

  • Approved managers will need to produce their approval card at the request of an authorised officer.
  • If the Approved Manager does not have their approval card at that time they may bring their approval card into a police station for sighting by an authorised officer within 2 days.
  • There are four steps required to become an approved manager:
    1. Complete the Mandatory Training requirement.
    2. Obtain a National Police Clearance (NPC).
    3. Complete the online Approved Manager Application through RGL (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries)
    4. Lodge the Application Summary, with the required fee, at a WA post office.
  • The Approved Manager ID Card lasts for a period of five years and must be renewed online prior to expiry.  You should ensure that your workers have current Approved Manager ID Cards.
  • Once the application for a new approval has been paid for at the Post Office they will be issued a receipt.
    • They are to keep this receipt as it is proof that they have lodged the application and may commence employment in the role of manager from the date the receipt is issued.
    • This receipt should be presented at the request of authorised officers (i.e. Police Officers and Inspectors from RGL) until such time as the application has been determined.
  • If the application is approved, an Approved Manager ID card will be delivered to them via the postal address indicated on their user account.

Duty Manager

  • Your club is required to display a list of all the Approved Managers on duty at that licensed premises.
  • This can be displayed either on the signage by the entrance, or in a conspicuous location within the licensed premises.  There is no regulated signage, however a template can be found here.

Temporary Manager

  • Where an Approved Manager is absent for any reason, the licensee or Approved Manager may appoint another person to act as a Temporary Manager for a period of:
    • up to seven consecutive days; or
    • no more than seven days in any 28 day period.
  • If the licensee appoints an individual as a temporary manager, who intends to apply for approval as a manager, that person can work up to 7 days in a 28 day period before they must fully lodge the application.
  • To be appointed a Temporary Manager, they need to hold a current RSA Certificate.
  • The temporary manager provisions are intended to be used in extenuating circumstances and should not be used as a means for the licensee to evade their obligations to appoint an approved manager. As such, RGL now require that whenever you appoint a Temporary Manager, that a note is made in your Incident Register with the reason why the Temporary Manager has been appointed.
  • You must also display signage showing the name of the Temporary Manager, either on the signage by the entrance, or in a conspicuous location within the licensed premises.  Again there is no regulated signage, however a template can also be found here.

Serving Staff

  • For all other bar workers and those involved in the clearing of drinks, (ie those engaged in the sale, supply or service of liquor), they must hold a valid RSA Certificate.
    • Currently (in Western Australia only) the RSA courses have no expiration date, so once the course has been completed no further training is required to be undertaken.
    • Staff engaged in the sale, supply or service of liquor have 28 days from date they commence employment in that capacity to complete the course.
    • They must provide a copy of their training certificate to the employer as soon as practicable.


  • Your club must maintain, on the licensed premises, a Training Register – click here for a template.
  • It is a requirement for the licensee to keep a copy of the training certificate on the premises (not necessarily with the register). This can either be hard copy or stored electronically, provided it is available for inspection when required.
  • It is not necessary to record any approved managers as they have been issued with a Unrestricted/Restricted Approved Manager’s Identification Card by the licensing authority.