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Continuing Your Professional Development

Continuing Your Professional Development


Many of us who play an important role in running the club community have taken large steps to be in that position. From committee members, employees to volunteers, the success of a club is impacted by the level of professional development of each individual. But what is professional development, and how does it affect you?

What is Professional Development?

Professional development refers to the education and training that an individual has undertaken in his or her career. This training is used to benefit the person’s role in their organisation or industry. Professional development varies from job to job – therefore, whether you’re a manager, volunteer or employee at a club, you have a duty to undertake your own professional development so that you can fulfil the needs of your role. The aim of professional development does not require you to be a genius, it simply ensures that your skills are up-to-date with the needs of your industry.

Having a university degree or a certification from a few decades ago is an excellent achievement. However, as the world constantly evolves, education and training evolves with it, teaching us new ways of doing things. This emphasises the need to keep learning and improving upon your skills and professional development, including those in the club community.

Continued Professional Development

As the saying goes, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Therefore, in a world that is evolving and changing every day, we must try and make attempts to keep improving our professional development, in order to fulfil the duties of our profession. Whether you are young or old, professional  development is suited for every stage of your career. With the recent and continuing COVID-19 pandemic, many club workers have had to learn how to adapt to government protocols and guidelines. COVID-19 training
can be seen as a mode of professional development, with training courses teaching how to abide by rules such as social distancing, hygiene and contact registers. These rules have taught club workers how to operate legally during unprecedented circumstances and hence it is seen as a form of professional development.

What are the Benefits?

Many club committee members, staff and volunteers can benefit from professional development, in turn improving the success of your club. The eventual outcome of continued professional development is that it helps you confidently address and tackle issues that your club may face. It will help improve the way you are able to answer issues generated by staff, volunteers and members of your club community, helping you make a meaningful contribution to your community.

Here are some of the other benefits to continued professional development:

  • It ensures that your skills can keep up with the current standards of others in the same field.
  • It ensures that the teaching builds upon your fundamental knowledge in order for you to effectively serve your role.
  • As mentioned previously, it helps ensure your skills are relevant to the changing trends of the club community.
  • More often than not, it helps professionals maintain their interest in their profession and keeps them on their feet.

While professional development isn’t a forced process, it should be seen as an obligation to your profession and to yourself. It is also important that this continued learning process is enjoyable and engaging. To make sure you
are getting the most out of your new learning experience, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Did this course teach you something new that was helpful?
  • Have you learned anything from this course?
  • Have you fully understood what was taught or would you need to progress your learning?
  • Will you be able to apply this knowledge at your club/workplace?
  • Will this help advance your career?

These are some of the important questions you should ask yourself to make sure that your learning process is effective and helps improve your current knowledge and skills. Clubs WA offers a variety of fun workshops and engaging training modules that are specifically tailored to assist our club community.

So if you are looking to start working on your professional development, what better place to start than Clubs WA? Visit clubswa.com.au or hat.edu.au to find out more.