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Francis A Jones’ Daniel Papaphotis – a 15-Year Relationship with WA Clubs

Francis A Jones’ Daniel Papaphotis – a 15-Year Relationship with WA Clubs


Clubs WA have been long-standing partners with auditing and commerce experts Francis A Jones. Over our 15-year relationship, auditing expert Daniel Papaphotis has been immensely involved with the clubs community.

From assisting clubs, to attending numerous industry expos and our awards night, Daniel has played an integral advisory role in clubs for well over a decade. With his undoubtable experience and knowledge in taxation, accounting, finance and auditing within the not-for-profit industry, Daniel has been recognised as Fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA) by Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) Australia.

Becoming a Fellow of CPA Australia requires upwards of 15 years’ experience in accounting, finance or business. This must include at least five years in an executive position or providing full-time Public Accounting Services as a public accountant. However, like most people, working as an accountant at Francis A Jones (FAJ) was not Daniel’s first gig. Daniel started his working life as a fifteen-year-old at Bunnings Warehouse. A shy kid, Daniel worked his way from trolley boy and cashier to a head office role in the finance section of the company. Six years later, he was completing his Bachelor of Commerce at Murdoch University and applying for a position at FAJ.

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