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From Small Beginnings: U Can Recycle WA

From Small Beginnings: U Can Recycle WA


U Can Recycle WA is a hard-working family business with small beginnings and a great future. As a young boy, U Can Recycle Director Joel Alexander (pictured) moved with his parents from Western Australia to South Australia, where the container deposit scheme was already in full swing. It didn’t take long for Joel and his brothers to realise they could make money for fishing trips and other things young boys desire.

They started their own pickup service with photocopied flyers, stencilled bags, and self-renovated bikes with hand-made trailers. It was known as the ‘Bike Bottle Boys’ pick-up service. It was a common sight to see these boys riding with their bikes towing trailers loaded with cans. Their backyard was an impressive sight of which any depot would be proud. From these small beginnings, their desire to recycle was born.

When it was announced that Containers for Change was being launched in WA, they had no hesitation in becoming part of the scheme. Looking back, it is no wonder that U Can Recycle WA is offering a pickup service second to none.

How can your club benefit from partnering with U Can Recycle WA?

  • U Can Recycle WA will supply you with whatever bins are required for your organisation, and will supply your club members with U Can Recycle Bags free of charge, thus enabling collection to be taken from home to the depot.
  • U Can will pick up when bins are full.
  • They will place your club on their ‘Preferred Donation List’:
    – This list will name all participating clubs enabling the public to donate their refunds to the club of their choice.
    – The list will be displayed at each of the proposed U Can Recycle WA Depots in Armadale, Dianella and Ellenbrook.
    – The list will also be displayed on their website and Facebook page.
    – The public only needs to quote the club of choice and their containers will be donated to that club.
    – This is a great way for extra fundraising from the community.
  • U Can Recycle WA will give special attention to your special events. To book and discuss, phone Jenny on 0413 155 572.
  • U Can Recycle WA has no hidden costs and does not ask for anything from you but to allow them to partner with you to pick up your eligible containers. See illustrations of eligible containers at What U Can Recycle, or at the Containers for Change website.
  • You have the satisfaction of partnering with a business that is community-minded and in employment of indigenous Australians, those living with a disability, and the long-term unemployed.
    For more information about U Can Recycle WA, contact Joel on 0404 867 423 or Jenny on 0413 155 572.