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Meckering Sporting Club’s 50th Anniversary

Meckering Sporting Club’s 50th Anniversary


The COVID-19 pandemic struck disaster for everyone in 2020, with almost all activities coming to a halt. This pandemic has affected club activities, events, staff and many other aspects of our industry. One club in particular was unfortunate in having to delay the celebrations of their 50th anniversary.

However, as the COVID-19 situation eased in Western Australia, the Meckering Sporting Club had the opportunity to celebrate its anniversary with their community.

The Meckering Sporting Club

In a small yet vibrant town the club has had a rich history, making the 50-year anniversary an even more remarkable milestone. On 14th October 1968, Australia recorded one of its largest earthquakes, which directly affected the town of Meckering. At a magnitude of 6.5, this earthquake devastated the community, destroyed large proportions of residential area and spread over 700km of land.

Club member Rebekah Burgess said that, prior to the earthquake, the town was split into multiple different sporting clubs. However, upon rebuilding the town, the community’s collective spirit led to the decision to bring all these sporting communities under one club, the Meckering Sporting Club.

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