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Simple Yet Creative: Joondalup Sports Association’s Bali Day

Simple Yet Creative: Joondalup Sports Association’s Bali Day


As the pandemic hit last year many of us have had to adapt to the unprecedented changes in our lives. Arguably, one of the biggest changes us West Australians have had to make is not going on our annual Bali trip. Many of us clubbies are craving for a Bali getaway to have a few Bintang’s whilst lying poolside soaking in the Bali sun. As international travel was halted many of us found ourselves cancelling our Bali bookings or having to stay in lockdown for the foreseeable future. However, one club in particular decided that, if they can’t go to Bali then they will bring Bali to them and here is how they managed to do it.

On the 17th of January 2021 the Joondalup Sports Association (JSA) turned their venue into a mini Bali destination. JSA’s Bar Manager Gabrielle Jackson came up with the creative and smart idea of bringing Bali to their club by hosting a Bali Day. The Joondalup Sports Association took advantage of the Perth summer and created an environment that felt like a second home. With a  pop-up bar in their beer garden, some picnic tables, Balinese cuisine and of course some Bintang. The chef’s at the JSA cooked up traditional dishes such as Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng and satay sticks, while the bar staff wore bright floral shirts. The event was topped off with some live music to set the holiday mood. As simple as the event was a huge success among their club members, who chose to enjoy a Bali day as opposed to staying home on the weekend.

The JSA wasn’t sure how this type of event would turn out. “This was the first themed day we had created and it certainly kept our members happy on the day. We were blown away by how well it was supported by our members,” says Membership & Marketing Manager Joanne Webber.

Planning and organising events is a challenging task, as most event organisers might be aware of. Added on to the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, clubs now need to take further  precautions and considerations when organising functions. This limited a lot of large scale and elaborate events, leaving event planners stuck in a rut. However, the JSA were able to create something engaging and fun for their members from a simple idea. The success of this project has created a whole new variety of events for the club. The Bali day was followed by a Mexican Fiesta and the club looks forwards to having more international themed events for their members, making up for the lack of travel and border closures.

Why not take inspiration from the JSA and create simple and creative events at your club for your members to enjoy. If you are interested in attending one of Joondalup Sports Association’s future events, you can always visit their Facebook page or visit them at 6 Miami Beach Promenade, Iluka.