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Virus Alert – “Emotet”

Virus Alert – “Emotet”

Please be aware that there is an imminent cyber threat that is impacting Australia. This threat has been called the “EMOTET” virus and will present as a Microsoft Office or .doc attachment, potentially asking for payment of a bogus invoice or credentials of some sort. This email could come from someone you know – the clue is that the invoice attachment will seem out of the blue, misdirected, incorrect or in the incorrect format / file type.

If you have opened an email attachment recently that could fit the description above, please contact your IT partner immediately, or contact Clubs WA for a recommendation.

To help prevent this type of infection please adopt the following habits:

  • NEVER open an attachment (not just invoices, any attachment) if it seems out of place, generic or unexpected. If you are unsure, call the sender to verify the validity of the attachment
  • Check the Sender mail address as opposed to relying on their alias name  – in other words, ensure the email really has come from (for example) johnsmith@companyname.com.au, not just “John Smith”. You can doubleclick the alias name (see top of image below) to reveal the full email address (see bottom of image below):


If the sender address is not valid or is in any way different to the usual sender address even in the smallest of ways, e.g, a zero instead of the letter “O” – please delete the email immediately.

  • If you are able and you don’t use macros in other areas of your environment, please disable Macros in Microsoft Office – you can do this by following the instructions below once you have MS Word open:

  • Never input your user credentials into a link included in an email or in the attachment contained in the email unless you were expecting the email and are 100% sure of its relevance and validity. If you have any doubts at all, it’s always better to phone the sender to verify. Again, if you feel you have potentially fallen victim to an email like this recently, please get in touch with your IT partner.

  –  Nicholas Rando, Newtrend