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Road Safety Commission Community Partnership

Road Safety Commission Community Partnership

Clubs WA’s partnership with the Road Safety Commission presents a unique opportunity to communicate road safety messages to a wide range of road users across WA.

Through our network of community-owned registered and licensed clubs across the State, the Road Safety Commission is able to highlight a range of issues that contribute to road trauma in WA to many social and demographic groups, including young drivers, regional groups and seniors.

Almost 500,000 West Australians, of all age groups, belong to at least one WA club.

Role of the Commission

As the voice of road safety in Western Australia, the Road Safety Commission is dedicated to tackling road trauma, which is one of the biggest and most sustained causes of death and injury in the community. The Road Safety Commission is a portfolio within WA Police Force. It reports to the Minister for Police; Road Safety: Defence Industry; Veterans Issues, Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA.

First created in July 2015, the independent agency made a transition into WA Police Force on July 1, 2017, as part of the McGowan Labor government’s Machinery of Government changes to the public sector. The structural change aims to create collaborative departments focused on delivering services in a more efficient and effective way.

The Road Safety Commission holds the responsibility of reducing road trauma on WA’s roads through harnessing the knowledge, expertise and interest in our community.

Learn more about the Road Safety Commission here.

Community Grants

The Government of Western Australia has made funds available from the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA) for community initiatives that assist in promoting road safety messages across the state. The Road Safety Community Grant Program supports the development and implementation of sustainable projects and one-off community activities related to road safety.

Applications must be received at least three months prior to the event and are assessed bi-monthly. Applications close on the last Friday of February, April, June, August, October and December at 5.00pm.

Road Safety Community Grants are available to support either community events or projects.

Learn more about Road Safety Community Grants here.

Road Safety Council

The Road Safety Council operates under the Road Safety Council Act 2002.

The Road Safety Council makes recommendations to the Minister for Police; Road Safety; Defence Industry; Veterans Issues, Hon. Paul Papalia CSC, MLA about the ways money in the Road Trauma Trust Account should be spent to implement road safety measures.

Initiatives and programs may include work to:

  • Improve the safety of roads in WA, and
  • Reduce the deaths and injuries of people resulting from crashes on WA roads.

Mr Iain Cameron is the Chairman of the Road Safety Council and the recently appointed Road Safety Commissioner Adrian Warner is a member of the Road Safety Council.

The council includes members from: Western Australia Police; Main Roads Western Australia; Department of Transport; Department of Planning; Western Australian Local Government Association; Department of Health; Department of Education; Insurance Commission of Western Australia; and the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia.

Clubs WA deeply values our partnership with the Road Safety Commission and our ability to help road safety messages reach as many people as possible within our community.