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Road Safety Commission Community Partnership

Road Safety Commission Community Partnership

Clubs WA’s partnership with the Road Safety Commission presents a unique opportunity to communicate road safety messages to a wide range of road users across WA.

Through our network of community-owned registered and licensed clubs across the State, the Road Safety Commission is able to highlight a range of issues that contribute to road trauma in WA to many social and demographic groups, including young drivers, regional groups and seniors.

Almost 500,000 West Australians, of all age groups, belong to at least one WA club.

Role of the Commission

The Road Safety Commission is dedicated to reducing road trauma, which is one of the biggest and most sustained causes of death and injury in the WA community.

The Commission works collaboratively with all levels of government, the private and not-for-profit sectors and the community to deliver the State Government Road Safety Strategy for Western Australia 2020-2030 – Driving Change.

Driving Change aims to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on WA roads by at least 50 per cent by 2030.

To achieve this bold target, the Commission uses the latest data, insights and technology to inform innovative road safety policies, programs and public awareness campaigns.

Learn more about the Road Safety Commission here.

Community Grants

The Government of Western Australia has made funds available from the Road Trauma Trust Account (RTTA) for community initiatives that assist in promoting road safety messages across the state. The Road Safety Community Grant Program supports the development and implementation of sustainable projects and one-off community activities related to road safety.

Road Safety Community Grants are available to support either community events or projects.

Learn more about Road Safety Community Grants here.